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American Knifemaking Supplies offers the finest quality of Natural Knife Handles such as; Genuine India Sambar Stag, Mother of Pearl, Water Buffalo Horn, White Bone, Jigged Bone, Imitation Stag and Exotic Wood from around the world.

Govt. of India lifted the embargo on INDIA SAMBAR STAG after 7 years, permitting ONE TIME ONLY export of India Sambar Stag. Making good use of this opportunity, we have procured a limited supply of Genuine India Sambar Stag in US. Due to its popularity and great demand, the India Samabr Stag is selling fast. We urge you to place your orders beofre we are sold out! Hundreds of knifemakers bought stag from us in the Blade Show-Atlanta, Knifemakers Guild Show-Orlando and through our web site. We have several large cutlery manufacturers as our clients, and an extremely satisfied customer base; including many Hall of Fame Knifemakers.

We also carry Presentation Grade Mother of Pearl(MOP) in Blacklip, Goldlip, Abalone and White colors. All our pearl slabs are of extremely high quality Tahitian from Phillippines with brilliant radiance of color. We ensure the pearl slabs to be flat and flawless, free from any discoloration, cracks or holes. From time to time, we carry pearl slabs of 1/8" or 3mm thickness, 3 1/4" to 4" in length and 7/8" to 1 1/2" in width. We classify pearl slabs into three Grades, "Presentation, A+ and A", based on the radiance of color. We take great pride in supplying some of the most precious and rarely available MOP in the world. Our prices in MOP are extremely competitive, yet we maintain the highest possible standard in our MOP's quality.

Buyers, please beware that Sambar Stag also comes from other Asian Contries than India. However, there is a great difference in it's texture and look and feel. Some dealers sell non-India Sambar Stag and charge the price for India Smabar Stag! All our Stags are; a) Genuine India Sambar Stag only, b) Legally imported from India after the Indian Govt lifted the embargo in 2005, and c) Cut from the shed antlers of India's Samar or Cheetal Deer.

We Guarantee your SATISFACTION in all our products.

Please visit our web-site often for new additions and promotional deals from time to time. We also offer discount on quantity purchases. We can be reached via Telephone at 210.602.3247 in Texas or 718.544.5727 in New York 24x7.

For secured internet transactions, we have plugged in Digital Certificates and Secured Socket in our internet shopping cart, so that you can e-Shop with confidence! We DO NOT capture Credit Card Information in our Database or sell Customer Information to third parties.

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